Divination A Word

Divination originally comes from the Latin word divinationem. It is defined as the power of foreseeing, prediction. It is also linked to the meaning of divinare which literally means “to be inspired by a god”, “to conjure, to guess” and “to make out by supernatural insight”.

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Ifa Divination Is What It Is Called Now

From what I understand, there are indeed chance and probability involved, which has to do with the ‘guessing’ part. As for the ‘supernatural’ part, I don’t see what is so ‘super’ about it. To me it involves some maths, which is quite ‘natural’. We use mathematics for guesswork all the time.

The Future

The Ifa system does not intend to foresee the future really.
It intends to suggest what should be done to avoid something from happening or actually make something happen. This means that it is believed that you yourself are in charge of your own future. The system can be consulted for advise.

Oh God

The involvement of god is to be debated. Because what does ‘god’ mean? It appears to be a word that is derived from an old Germanic word. Fun fact: it used to be neutral in terms of gender. It shifted to masculine when Christianity came in. If the concept of ‘god’ is so loaded with cultural references, can you really interpret another culture through its definition?

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