Binary Tales: Fact is Fiction is the working title of a new documentary film project
by director Juul van der Laan. She teams up with Nigerian philosopher
Sophie Olúwọlé to dive into Yoruba philosophy.
Keep an eye on this blog to see how the project unfolds.

Sophie Olúwọlé

(1935 – 2018) is known for her publications on African philosophy.
Her particular interest lies with Yoruba culture. She thinks it is important to know where you come from – your own culture and history, before meeting others. She uncovered a African father of philosophy from 500 B.C.

Juul van der Laan

(1988) is known for her film Multiverse Ghana (2015) and has made various short documentaries. She is infinitely intrigued by different perspectives on the world, embraces thinking critically – And thinks it is important to share valuable knowledge with as many people as possible.

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